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Even in a flood of AI, we continue to learn about humanity. We’ve learned new vocabulary such as LLM, prompt engineering, and hallucinations. We apply this vocabulary to website interactions. But the world is screaming for empathy and wants us to be people-centric. What’s a girl to do? A person with AI buzzwords won’t replace you, but a person who knows how to apply AI buzzwords to improve teamwork might replace you. This session applies the AI fundamentals we learned over the past year to our true performance and profitability bottlenecks: teamwork.
  • LLM: the most important LLMs are our colleagues and stakeholders
  • Prompts: the best prompt engineers ask humans the best questions
  • Hallucinations: clarity doesn’t tolerate hallucinations

  1. Humans are LLMs that hire and pay each other
  2. Intellectual intimacy is a kind of wealth
  3. Good prompts equate to good leadership
  4. Tools to minimize team’s hallucinations about their health

Speaker Bio:
Robert Snyder is the founder and president of Innovation Elegance, LLC. Robert’s thirty-year career spans roles such as developer, project management, change management, sales enablement, and the performing arts. His career path includes corporate roles, consulting roles, startups, PMP, and Agile certifications. He has performed in numerous vocal, dance, and theater ensembles. Robert earned his BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois and his MBA in Strategy from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.
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