Board of Directors

VP, Events: Sonia Balgah, CBAP


Sonia is a CBAP certified business analyst.  She has over 5 years of experience
in the healthcare sector supporting process improvement and access to health care.
She enjoys generating new ideas and devising feasible solutions to broadly relevant

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VP, Operations: Anitha Abraham, ECBA

Anitha is an ECBA Certified Business Analyst currently working with nonprofit organizations to digitally transform their systems. With over 5 years of experience in IT and improving customer experience, she enjoys providing solutions that empower and uplift those who work with her.

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VP, Certification: Jaladhi Bhatt, CBAP


Jaladhi loves being a Business Analyst and has done so in title for over 10 years with over 14 years of total IT industrial experience in different sectors includes Real estate, Telco, Insurance, Utilities and Retail. He holds Master of Computer Science along with Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) designation



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VP, Finance/Treasurer: Cornelius Ogba, CBAP


Cornelius holds a CBAP® and the Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designations with over 12 years of experience, across financial services, public sector, sports and entertainment industries, providing strategic inputs and operational support for process improvements and digitization, finance system implementation and modernization, corporate restructuring and financial planning and analysis.

He is very passionate about innovation, research, problem solving and helping organizations drive change initiatives to create operational efficiencies and achieve financial transformation.


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VP, Marketing: Veronica (Mengchen) Zhao, CPOA


Veronica graduated with a dual degree in Ivey HBA and Mechatronic Systems Engineering at Western University. Her experience in market research, scientific research, and technological development has provided her a multidisciplinary background. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in software engineering, focusing on data analytics and management.

She is passionate about innovative ideas that change how people live. As a data-driven individual, she likes to back up conclusions using analytics.


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Founding President: Professor DeWan 

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Professor DeWan is a Business Analysis educator at Fanshawe College and the Founding President of IIBA Greater London, Ontario (IIBA GLO) Chapter. The Fanshawe College Business Analysis Program received IIBA endorsement under his leadership as the Program Coordinator. In 2018, he began to teach at Fanshawe Kinlin School of Business.

He has more than two decades of research and advisory experience with C-suites of North American Financial industries, Big 4 firms, and Regulatory bodies. Professor DeWan is a Stanford University certified project manager and has an MBA from New York Institute of Technology. 


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