Board of Directors

VP, Membership: Todimu Aduroshakin, ECBA


   Todimu is an ECBA certified Business Analyst who delights in driving innovation and process improvement. With a strong track
   record in financial services, manufacturing, and tax, she specializes in aligning strategies with business needs and implementing
   cutting-edge solutions.

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VP, Events: Mansi Chugh, CBAP


   Mansi is an accredited business analyst holding CBAP with over 12 years of global expertise in business and data analysis. Her
   educational background includes a dual Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and Data Science. She identifies herself as a
   Philomath (lover of learning, scholar) and loves to read non-fiction in her spare time.

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VP, Professional Development: Himanshu Garg, CBAP


   Himanshu Garg is a CBAP and an ECBA certified Business Analyst. He has 5+ years of experience in IT Industry mainly
   resposible for turning ideas into documents. He has expertise in process improvement, increase in efficiency and operation
   optimisation via workflow solutions on MS Power Platform.

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VP, Sponsorship: Sonia Balgah, CBAP


   Sonia is a CBAP certified business analyst. She has over 5 years of experience in the healthcare sector supporting process
   improvement and access to health care. She enjoys generating new ideas and devising feasible solutions to braodly relevant

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VP, Marketing & Communications: Leah, ECBA


   Leah is an ECBA certified business analyst who has a passion for creativity and a drive to make a positive influence on the
   community. She has over 6 years of volunteer expereinces in business, healthcare, education, and atheletic settings, with a
   strong work ethic and communication skills.

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VP, Finance, Treasurer: Emmanuel Shoneye, CBAP


   Emmanuel is an experienced Business Analysis leader with over 12 years experience across telecommunications, financial
   services, leagal and advertising technology industires driving operational process improvements, bridging the gap between
   needs and technology solutions, and project delivery. He holds the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) and
   Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designations which enables him to bring a unique blend of analytical rigor and financial
   acumen to his leadership roles.

     He is passionate about leveraging technology as an innovation catalyst and fostering a culture of a data-driven decision

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Secretary & VP, Operations: Deena, ECBA


   Deena is an ECBA certified business analyst who has a positive attitude and energy to encourage others to work hard and
   succeed. Deena is an avid contributor of community service and leader with over seven years of experence. Besides being a
   business analyst, she enjoys volunteering at the hospital and mentoring children at the library.

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President: Cornelius Ogba, CBAP


Cornelius holds a CBAP® and the Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designations with over 12 years of experience, across financial services, public sector, sports and entertainment industries, providing strategic inputs and operational support for process improvements and digitization, finance system implementation and modernization, corporate restructuring and financial planning and analysis.

He is very passionate about innovation, research, problem solving and helping organizations drive change initiatives to create operational efficiencies and achieve financial transformation.

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Honorary Advisors:

Past Board of Directors that have contributed over 2 years 

Founding President: Professor DeWan 

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Professor DeWan is a Business Analysis educator at Fanshawe College and the Founding President of IIBA Greater London, Ontario (IIBA GLO) Chapter. The Fanshawe College Business Analysis Program received IIBA endorsement under his leadership as the Program Coordinator. In 2018, he began to teach at Fanshawe Kinlin School of Business.

He has more than two decades of research and advisory experience with C-suites of North American Financial industries, Big 4 firms, and Regulatory bodies. Professor DeWan is a Stanford University certified project manager and has an MBA from New York Institute of Technology.