The Skills Training program is a career-focused programme that combines job-ready participants with industry BA specialists who can give support and connection to BA tools and techniques on an ongoing basis. It was created to unite IIBA GLO chapter members for a maximum of one month in order to cultivate deliberate mentoring connections and promote our members' professional development as business analysts.

Looking to volunteer as a Mentor?

If you have significant business analysis experience and skills and are willing to train a new or developing business analyst, please contact us.. You will gain the following benefits from the Program:

  • Improve your mentoring skills, which you may apply to a variety of personal and professional situations.
  • Demonstrate your capacity to lead and grow capabilities.
  • Interact with mentees to learn about new ideas, technology, and viewpoints.
  • CDUs.

Looking to upgrade your skills being a mentee?

If you're a new or developing business analyst looking for advice and support as you advance in the field, this is the place to be. You will gain the following benefits from the Program:

  • Improve your understanding of business analysis abilities and approaches.
  • Career planning and development.
  • Time management and organizational skills.
  • Conflict Management Skills.
  • CDUs.

To register for a Skills Training program, check our Events page. If you want to become a Mentor, please  reach out to our team.

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