Choose the right career path for you

A career in business analysis can take you in many different directions. It's important for you to know what your options are and pursue opportunities for experience, training, and certification that will take you to where you want to go.

          IIBA Career Development Plan

  • Step 1 Understand: Familiarize yourself with the Business Analysis Competency Model
  • Step 2 Evaluate: Assess your business analysis competencies
  • Step 3 Plan: Create your career action plan
  • Step 4 Act: Implement your career action plan
  • Step 5 Review: Review and refine your career action plan

If you're a new or developing business analyst looking for a new career in the field then we can help you achieve more success in your careers with our Career Counseling session. You will gain the following benefits from the Program:

  • Enhance your resume-writing abilities.
  • Find out how to broaden your professional network.
  • Support in recognizing prospective career opportunities, utilizing your networks, customizing your job search tools, and presenting yourself properly during job interviews.
To register for a Career Counseling session, check our Events page or reach out to our team for more details.

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