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The International Institute of Business Analysis, Greater London, Ontario (IIBA® GLO) Chapter is an independent non-profit professional organization serving Business Analysts and Business Community in London, ON and the surrounding areas. The integral component of the chapter is ongoing learning and knowledge sharing through networking, presentations, seminars, study teams, and activities.  The IIBA® GLO is proud to be a part of its parent organization IIBA® which operates in 40+ countries and supports its members through 124+ chapters, offering Seven (7) internationally recognized certifications in Business Analysis, Data Analytics, Agile Analysis, Cybersecurity Analysis, and Product Ownership Analysis.

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Summer Break!

We will resume our Events and Services after the summer holidays. See you in September 2022!

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'Don’t Adopt the Monkey: Leadership Secrets for You & Your Team' with Saby Waraich Knowing how to influence and lead others—often without direct authority—is critical in successfully managing projects. Most of us aren't natural leaders, the good news is that leadership skills can be learnt. The best makes the journey from manager to leader using their innate talentsand through...
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IIBA GLO to host free virtual events for novice & experienced professionals Throughout the month of Aug., the local chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) will be hosting a series of events for free that focus on helping students build their network and learn about industry trends. There will be a number of keynote speakers that will be speaking...